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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Master Of Sparks

Picked the mag up from Chip on the way home tonight, looking as good as new, if not better. All internal parts have been replaced along with the pick ups and the end cover, should provide years of sparking fun. Really happy the way the mag and dynamo have turned out, they follow the look of a good clean restoration, which hopefully is how the bike will turn out. Rather than a bucket o' bling custom queen that shouts "Look at me !!!!!!" understated quality is the targeted result, hoping to get the rivet counters saying they like it, however begrudgingly!!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Top End Locked Down

The 20p Woodruff key arrived on Friday, fitted with a light rub of the ol' wet 'n' dry paper. With the cam pinion fixed in place it was now all systems go on getting the top end nailed into place. The gudgeon (wrist) pins fitted beautifully into the new honed small end bushes, felt more like a hypodermic plunger going down as they went through with a dose of oil. After a bath in boiling water the pistons were fitted along with the new circlips followed by the barrels. This needed a deft bit of handiwork by Johnny with a couple of big hose clips as ring clamps to get the plot into place. Base nuts on and tightened, the crank was spun by hand, difficult to say how good it felt, and how good it felt cos it felt so good.

The head was whipped on and torqued down, the period BSA service sheets are a bit vague on this point, probably because shed mechanics back in the day weren't expected to have Torque Wrenches. What they do say is tighten it all down in a diagonal pattern until it's really tight and then go round it all again for an extra grunt on the spanner! We give 'em all 25 ft/lbs seemed plenty tight enough.
Waiting for the mag now, which is ready to pick up, and a breather cork and it can all be buttoned up ready to go back in the frame.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Black Rose Triumph

Saw this in the latest issue of The Horse, built by Small City Cycles and finished at the arse end of last year it ticks all the boxes here at BIW.

Hard Tailed unit Triumphs are springing up everywhere at the moment and to be honest seem to be pretty formulaic in the approach taken. This bike here though seems to distill all that's right with the style, nothing fancy but everything just right.

Ya just gotta love those pipes.

Lovely purposeful stance, just sittin' there all ready for the get go.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Talkin' about my generation.........

Picked this up from Chip last night, it's the old dynamo (generator) fully refurbished and cram packed with sixty of Joe Lucas' finest watts, ready to pierce the darkest night with laser like intensity. Chip's details are up on the top right if you need anything doing along these lines. Keep an eye out for a post when the mag comes back.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Big Bush !!!!!!

Nah, not the bushy beaver type of bush ya bunch o' pervs!

This is the bush that supports the front of the intermediate timing pinion. Bore wise it's all good with no appreciable slack showing on the spindle when fitted. The problem is that the case will not close up to the main crank case with the pinion fitted, it's being held off by this bush. Had it out and cleaned it, better but still not right, needs to be skimmed flat, only the slightest amount taken off to bring it back to true should do the trick.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bottom End Rebuild

Stripped the bare crank back out of the cases to install the refurbished rods. Much smoother operation this time, with none of the fit problems encountered on the last attempt. Changed the drive side main again as well, the first one had no maker's name on it and came in a nondescript white box. Didn't really feel comfortable with that, so an RHP bearing was scored from SRM and that now resides in the case and seems quite happy there.

couldn't get any further as the Woodruff key for the cam timing wheel is nowhere to be found. Access must be left to hold the camshaft over towards the timing side when fitting the gear, else it gets pushed in too far and the nut cannot be started.
Otherwise all good, get a new key and the top end can go back on, all steps in the right direction.

Friday, 11 March 2011

One For The Engineers

Went 'round to look at the Myford last night, turns out to be an ML10, comes complete with all sorts 'o attachments and good stuff.
Amongst the rest of the stuff in there, is this. Now I never dreamed that a miniature shaper would ever exist, but here one is. About the size of a big shoe box it's 'kin amazing, can't see the little lady letting me put it on the mantelpiece though.
You don't see many shapers about nowadays let alone miniature ones, so this was a shock, but what I can't figure out is this; what would be done on a shaper that a mill can't do ?

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Going 'round to see a bloke later to have a look at one of these bad boys. Nowhere to put it of course, but hey, that's just a minor detail!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

On the way back up

Watched this last night, never heard of it before, but it is a sheltered existence here at Quaff Towers. Crackin' movie, liked it lots.

On the other hand it's good news on the A7 front. Frame was dropped off at the stover's this morning so that is under way now. Bonus feature, SRM phoned up and said the rods and other bits are on their way back, so the motor can be attacked in earnest at last. Oh yeah, and the gear selector return springs turned up in the post.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

JUNK 2 On The Street

Billy has just published the second ish of JUNK, a good range of kit in there for number 2. Funny I seem to know a fair few of the people featured, not that that devalues it one iota of course. If you can't get a copy from your local corner shop, drop a mail to the addy in the top right column and it will be sorted.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Thinkin' Inside The Box

Got most of the gearbox back together yesterday, still need a few new screws and odds 'n' sods to button it up. Never the less it's shifting through the ratios like a shiftin' fool so it's all good. Strange thing is, that there's long sleeve nuts on the four through studs holding the outer covers on. The couple that are still there are a bit battered but when I try to get hold of a new set nobody knows what I'm going on about, They all reckon they should be long reduced hexagon nuts, but definitely not sleeve nuts. Mind you there is a gearbox listed for 1948 - 50 only, could be that.

Fear not, the blue Hylomar will be gone when it all ready to rock an' roll.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The beginning of the end,.... or the end of the beginning

Got the frame finished and ready for stove enamelling. The original powder coat on the front loop has been burned and scraped off, all gash bracketry removed and the various holes and dings welded and smoothed. It's going away to the stovers this week, so next time y'all see it, it will be shiny bitchin' black............can't wait!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Zoot Allures

Got back from Ireland and Mrs Meister said there's a parcel from France, very intriguing as nothing was expected. Opened it up and very carefully wrapped inside was this little beauty! Sent by Roland as a surprise, it certainly made my evening. Made for a BSA bicycle frame many years ago, no idea when Beezer stopped making push bikes, it is in mint unused condition, and will live on the steering neck of the A7, and worn with pride. There's a bonus as well, the ivory/yellow background matches the leather on the seat, nice!. Thanks a lot Roland, you've come through once again.

B32 Gold Star Mock Up

Been working in Eire this last week so apologies for a lack of posts lately.

Went up north to pick the 33 frame up last weekend. Took the motor and forks up just to have a quick look at what things might turn out like.

All the stuff is loosely assembled in the best "mock up" fashion, but the overall look is bloody promising to say the least.

The stance is looking aggressive and the 21 is a natural sitting in the girders. This is gonna be good as and when it gets the undivided attention it so obviously deserves.