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Thursday, 28 April 2011


The choice of tyre is a bit of a tale, but I'll cut it short to protect the innocent. We like bikes to go 'round corners in this neck of the woods, the authorities do have a habit of joining the little short stretches with twisty bits, just to keep your attention y'all understand. Things ain't got better over the 30 years that the bike has been waiting to taste petrol again, it needed Avon Roadrunners then, and (so we thought) still needs 'em now. Technology moves on and what arrived did look a little racier than expected, but they were fitted never the less.

Put the freshly shod rear wheel in last night and shitter number one was that the profile is lower and the rear muddie looks somewhat stranded. Then the double whammy hit in! Put the chain on and it's being deflected by the rib on the shoulder of the 130 section tyre, BOLLOCKS springs to mind at this point.
So there is now a pair of new racy stylee tyres for sale, and we're going back to the way we were and fitting a good ol' 5.00 x 16 Avon SM MkII in the back and a 3.60 x 19 Avon Skidmaster in the front. More in keeping with the overall look of the bike, that's a fair comment but it'll handle like a greased eel on acid in the wet. Form over function ya say?.................yeah right!


  1. bollocks, fighting you all the way quaffie. no chance with a couple of spacers? they are good tyres.

  2. Yeah, I could push the wheel over on the spokes to clear, but the rim is cock on centre in the frame so I'd prefer to keep it there.