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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Progress in a back steppin' stylee

Got four new bolts for the inner corners of the rocker boxes, this allowed the boxes to go on and be torqued down, finished. These seperate rocker boxes tend to catch people out, they are used to seeing a one piece cover on the top of Beezers, and sometimes claim that it must be a Triumph top end grafted on.

The dynamo is not fixed as it can't be locked down until the motor's in the frame, as it passes through the front engine plates. This is where a problem was spotted after getting to this stage.
When working on these motors there are two things that must be remembered, firstly the two studs at the rear of the cases, seen in the picture below, must be inserted before the case halves come together. Check. Secondly the dynamo retaining strap and through bolt must be fitted before the timing side goes on. Oops!

Not too much of a disaster as now everything has been fitted and proven on the timing side it should not take much more than an hour to whip it off and fit the strap. Other than that and the need to score some slotted cheesehead cover screws, the motor itself is pretty much complete.

Now it's time to get the clutch and primary sorted out and the gearbox bolted onto the back of the cases.

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