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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Pushin' Forward

Got a few more bits on yesterday as ya can see. Johnny has been in a rattle can frenzy during the week and has pulled out some incredible results on the Oil Tank and Chain Guard.

Been havin' second thoughts about the colour of the seat for a while now, but seeing it in context has helped out no end. Just a case of tying the colour used on the tinware in and all should be good.

This ex-WD Battery Carrier has come up better than ever hoped for. A genuine period piece with a dash of flair added.

A view of things to come, it really is getting frighteningly close now. Paint and pipes are the next two major steps on the road to completion.
The more it goes together, the more the resto look is showing through, makes the period carb in the previous post a no-brainer really, it must have one of them suckahs.

Finally, a little "Up the skirt" shot for Peter, he does like 'em ya know.


  1. killer up the skirt shot mate, the bits looks like a bike now, keep up the pace quaffie, looking good.

  2. You keep talking yerself into the seat colour...........