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Friday, 20 May 2011

Dirty Magazines in Plain Brown Wrappers

Issue 4 was on the mat when I got back from The Salt Mine earlier today, ripped it open to scan through the content. Up to scratch as normal, great cover art by Vince Ray, an article on Outlaw Racers by Eric over at the Historic Engine Co. and all sorts of other good shittage. So I sat down to read it properly, and seduce my ancient footwear!!!! in the editorial Scarlett and Simo are calling it quits on the publishing front! Putting it down to the hike in printing costs and their refusal to compromise and produce something down to a price, the lights are being turned out for the last time.
If you've missed any copies or indeed have not had the privilege and sheer delight of reading any of them, then get yer ass over here.

Scarlett and Simo we Thank You

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  1. Cheers QM, It were a good laff! On to new madcap schemes no doubt!!