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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Getting down to some muddy fun..........

Finally got the front guard on, one of them little jobs that get put off 'cause they won't take long. Well done's done now, Johhny worked a brace come bracket out of flat steel and welded it to the inside of the muddy, this in turn was attached to a coupla brackets down to the legs. May act as a bit of a fork brace, may not, must help.

Split opinions here in Blighty over 'em, ignoring the argument that by the strict letter of the law they ain't a requirement, it's generally accepted that they are. I've got plenty of things to be doing without having to explain to the federales why it's a fashion statement and why it's my inalienable right to not bother with one. On top of that, call me a pussy if ya like, but the ol' precipitation is not an uncommon event down this neck of the woods.


  1. having a front mudguard says "fuck fashion this bike gets used all year not just on sunny sundays"..... which is cool with me ;)

  2. If you put your front wheel so far in front of your face that the spray never reaches you its not a problem.