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Monday, 30 May 2011

Johnny saves the day

Spent a lot of time the other day filing and fitting these plates to match the crankcase contours. Got the job nigh on finished with only a clearance hole needed in the timing side plate for the dynamo strap retaining bolt. Then it went tits up!!!! Clamped the new plate to the old original and drilled through, put it back on and the hole didn't line up, opened up the hole by 1 mm and still not enough. Slotted the hole with a file until it was OK but this left the surrounding metal dangerously thin.
Johnny came up with the killer solution, remove the bad section of plate and stitch in a piece from another plate. The hole was spotted by piloting through the case with everything bolted up and then drilled with it removed again, the way it should have been done in the first place. Worked a treat, the join is seamless and for all intents and purposes invisible when it's been painted, which is the next job to knock off of the list.

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  1. Sometimes all you need is another person to come and kick you in the head. I wish I had one around more often.

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