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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Uber Stoked

Got the SM installed in the back, and what a difference it makes! Really pulls the look of the back end in and fills any gaps that were there, far better than the mock up early Road Runner that was in there and a different league to the later piece of shit it replaced.

There were a few concerns that the extra rolling radius could cause a problem with the muddy mounting bolts. As it goes the anchor on the brake plate won't let the wheel forward enough for that to become an issue.

Happy?..................what do ya reckon!


  1. looking ace Brian 8-) , cant wait to see this hitting the road, I'm sticking with the Avon SM on the Indian for now, gonna play about with pressures etc and see where it goes ....... if it ends up in the bushes i'll stick a pair of Venoms on there ;-)

  2. Hi Brian,

    Where's the best place to get these SM's? thinking of getting some for the maggot!