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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Charge - Discharge - No Charge

Got a sweet spot to fit an ammeter on the A7, so one of these was scored. Catalogue, well web page, dimensions said it should fit the restricted space available, and.........you've guessed it!.......no it don't. A bit of a pisser because white faced meters with a one and three quarter inch body (the next size down) don't seem to be available any more. Beginning to get resigned to the fact that a standard run of the mill black faced Lucas number would have to do!

Then the karma kicked in, the good lady was tidying up her shed, well she's got to have somewhere to keep her lawn mower and other DIY crap, and came out with an old AJS stock headlight shell that's been knocking around for years. "What are you doing with this ?" she says, handing it over. And there, almost mockingly, sat the ammeter above! All covered in shit, and the nickel plated bezel partially painted over it was the right size and colour, with a bonus feature, the movement was still working fine. Worth a little time with the Scotch-Brite and metal polish to see if it was redeemable, and as you can see above it repaid the effort with a solid brass bezel under the nickel, time well spent then.

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