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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Getting The Horn

Needed to get a hooter on the A7, funny thing really, the law demands that one is fitted and yet it is virtually illegal to sound it ????????
Anyways up, I went on to the Bay of Fools and saw a funky little number, small and black, that'll do. With the postage it was eight and a half quid by the time it was in my hand, and what a result it was when it was there.

No-one said anything about the free stash tin that it comes in! rather than the bubble pack thing or the universal white box with a hand stamped description on it.

The horn itself is a decent looking piece of kit and should tuck away somewhere nicely. On their UK website they are listed at a tenner, if they are same folks that are on the bay then a phone call could nail one cheaper.

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