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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Priming The Painter

Arranged with Pete to lay some colour down on the sheet metal, so the bits were put back on hand tight, so he could take a look at what we are after.

As Pete is a lifelong Rockabilly and Hot Rod freak, it didn't need a lot of explaining, looking for a '50s style paint job, he was straight on the case coming up with some good ideas and nice touches. Having said that, he did insist that the tank be sealed before he paints it, see the sense in that and, if it arrives that will be the big job for the coming weekend.

Good to see the sheet metal work all the same colour, even in primer it gives a bit of an idea what the finished article will look like.


  1. nearly done mate - looks tidy

  2. not long now befor the paint is on ;) be fiering it up in no time mate ;)