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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Built Well Seat

Got this back yesterday, don't normally talk about the Enfield project on here, but I'm so stoked I thought I'd best share it.
The regular Biltwell seats are certainly fine bits of kit and a good price whichever side of the pond they're being bought. The problem I have is that they are acaled to fit H-D's and come in at around 14 inches long, which is nearer to a seat and a half on the Bullet rather than a solo.

Toddy beat the base out about 6 months ago, and a fine job it was, full of curves and shape. I was worried that the upholstery would lose the contours of the base, but as you can see the form has pretty well held.

The upholsterer is a new bloke to me, although he's been doing car interiors for years. Not the cheapest, but good things generally ain't, contact details to follow.

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  1. seats looks cool as mate ;) i only have the steel seat pan haha ;)