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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Master Of Sparks Pt II

This lot came today, black braided copper cored HT lead, Champion rubber caps and the bitchin' blue KLG plugs. The plugs are NOS and just about right for the motor so with a bit of luck they'll still be up for the job.
Got the lot from the place below, well worth checking out, several different colour choices in braided HT, more styles of plug caps than you ever knew existed and a rake of NOS old timer plugs.


  1. what kind of gap have those plugs got...and the one one right looks weird at the electrode end....

  2. Standard kinda deal Matt, gonna run 'em at 20 thou, should be OK with a rebuilt mag. Agree about the one on the right, does look odd there but they both look the same in ya hand, must be photo trickery !?