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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pipes of Peace ya say?.................................

......... more like pieces of pipe!

Spent a long day up at Alldens in Lincolnshire on Friday getting the exhaust sorted out, and it was more than worth it! Truly an education watching the process as the pipes take shape.

Dennis, the bloke who did it, is both a bike freak and a perfectionist so there is little need to explain, he can grasp the idea quickly and develop it into reality, all the time checking that it matches the vision.

A drawing of the silencer design was sent up there about six weeks ago and they were made before arranging a time to get up there for the pipes. The governor, Mike, was a pleasure to deal with over the 'phone, always very honest about the state of play and good with his estimates on dates.

All brackets were fitted and the system bolted on before the welds were ground back and the whole lot polished. The silencers are welded directly to the pipe to give a smooth transition without clamps interrupting the flow.....

.... also to ensure that when the stainless goes that lovely Champagne colour it does not stop when it reaches a big thick cold clamp at the junction.
Happy.........that's a major understatement.

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  1. all your attention to detail has really paid off
    its a cracker