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Monday, 8 August 2011

Johnny's '53 Triumph Speed Twin

Johnny has started in on the Trumpet, using loads of WD40 type penetrating spray, which he has loads of, and a lot of patience, which he usually ain't got much of. For something that was last taxed in 1959 and would appear to have been sitting about unloved and unwanted in the intervening half century it's coming apart amazingly well.

The reason it was taken off the road originally may never be known, but whatever the cause it has not been stripped for any sort of inspection. All the outer cover screws are still tight, and because of this the covers have protected their contents, well if the primary is anything to go by that is. The clutch still works , and has a light smooth action, promising to say the least.


  1. Be very interested to see how this one develops... I would have used it as a garden ornament!

  2. It has already served time as a garden ornament ! i think the guy stopped riding it when he got too old to do so, no other reason as far as i know. Good luck, it will make a great bike.