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Saturday, 6 August 2011

More Hayride Hullabaloo

There's been a load of web space taken up in the last week extolling the virtues of The Hotrod Hayride, well now I'm back I thought I'd best add my tuppence worth. I thought that last year's was the best do that I had ever attended, well somehow Anna and Andy managed to top it this year. There seemed to be a lot more bikes, but that may have been because there was a clash with the NSRA Supernationals held at Old Warden the same weekend and therefore not as many rods were in evidence. I can't begin to imagine the amount of organising a do like this takes but from what I saw everything went without a hitch and things flowed seamlessly, Anna and Andy seemed to be enjoying themselves all weekend so maybe it wasn't too stressful for them either.

The Madras Marauder sneaked in amongst what must be one of the finest collection of custom motorcycles ever gathered other than at an organised show. That'd be them Stockers boys on tour, and looking uber cool.

Steve Marshall's 6T, Holy Moly looking all lean, mean and moody, not a great lover of the raw steel look myself but the lines and stance of this bike are sublime.

Sweet little unit Trumpet outside the pavilion.

Eddie's impossibly noisy unit 500, lovely simple bike with all the attitude (and sound effects) you can handle.

The boys from the north, Shaun's raw T140 rubs shoulders with Toddy's GKM trophy winning TR6, a pair of unit Trumpets that should stir the loins of any bloke who sees 'em.
Tell ya what Shaun, she'd look lovely with a splash of paint. ;-)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Anna and Andy for putting on a great show, and Eddie, Leight, Rowan, Roland and the rest of the Stockers crew for putting up with me!

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