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Saturday, 24 September 2011

1950 ZB32 Gold Star

Got up to Toddys earlier in the week to collect the bones of the Goldie project. He'd been good enough to section the early Bantam tank and make and fit a seat base.
Got the bits reassembled when it got back here and loose fitted the early Motobecane girders.
I've mentioned on here about trying to nail what is a British style of custom and I hope that this will be going down that path. There is some beautiful work being done on Nortons by Dr George Cohen down in Somerset in the same style. Also know of several being put together around all 4 corners of Britain at the moment, and one in Montana! Just hope it's the start of something good.
Of course the A7 will be finished before work starts in earnest on this, but parts will be sourced and scored in the meantime.

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