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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bleedin' Hydraulics!!!!!

Hydraulic brakes are a bit like two stroke motors, easy in principle but a bastard to get right. So simple that there is no room for error, if it ain't cock on then it's cocked up! Got the new seals and piston in the master cylinder a few days ago, and that appears to be OK, tried bleeding the system and got pretty much nowhere. Caliper leaking past the new seals fitted in there! Drained the fluid and stripped the caliper to find that the seal had been clipped when the piston was fitted. That's the joy of the primitive Lockheed - Norton proto-caliper, can't see what's going on when it's together and so it's only when there's fluid in the system that the problems rear their ugly heads. Another set of seals went in the caliper and the whole bleedin' charade was repeated. This time it might be working, at least it will stop the wheel if it's spun by hand, quite how effective this will be out in the jungle that is modern traffic remains to be seen.
Happy with the way this has turned out though, saves the great loop of cable hanging down off the bar end.

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