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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Unapproachable Norton

A couple of months ago I posted some pictures of a lovely ES2, and said that,at the time, there was no more information on it.Well that can now be put right, the bike, along with several others was put together in the shed of Doctor George Cohen, or "Norton George" as he is better known in the hallowed tomes of Bracebridge Street folk lore.

This is so close to what I consider the nascent style of British Bobberness that it's difficult to draw a line, so, for all intents and purposes this is where it's at, as far as BIW is concerned anyways up.

There's been a delay in posting these pics because I've been waiting for the thumbs up from George to "blogjack" 'em. For more of these great looking bikes and to read his funny, insightful, informative web page go this way to Georges Shed

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