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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Chopped Triumphs Florida

 Came across a thread on The Jockey Journal over the weekend covering a '59 Bonnie build by Dan over at Angry Monkey featuring some pretty damn fine front engine plates, with an Alton alternator tucked in between 'em.......... nice!

Not seen 'em before so I put on a post as to where they came from, Dan kindly hooked me up with Joe over at Chopped Triumphs in Florida, the more eagle eyed of you out there, may have noticed a new logo that's popped up on the left hand bar, well that's Joe that is.


He's making both the dynamo and alternator options, and they both look cooler than a Polar Bear's gonads. Not sure if the black finish or the natural squeezes me harder at the moment, but squeeze me they do.

A pair of these keeping the crank out of the dirt on ya Bobber would make you the envy of all the Cafe Racer jocks on a Saturday night down the Ace.

He's also making this ignition housing to replace a magneto on a Triumph, just the ticket if you feel your old Trumpet would benefit from electronic ignition. Comes complete with the fixed pinion and ready to bolt on.

So if you want drag the old beast kicking and screaming into the 21st century you could do yourself a great deal of good by contacting Joe.

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