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Sunday, 25 December 2011

A thing of beauty.........................

................ is a joy forever.

Following the post a few days ago I hooked up with Joe at Chopped Triumphs and asked him to ship a set of the seriously sweet front engine plates shown on that post. They arrived a day or two ago, and have gone a long way to making my Christmas complete. They look even better in the flesh than they do in pictures and that's saying something.

Well, just had to check 'em out in situ, and seeing as the little lady was out doing seasonal stuff I managed to slap a few bits together in the warmth of the living room. Worth it? what do you think? The fit is perfect, and with the bosses on the plates around 3/8" thick the hole centers leave no room for error. All three of the front studs proved to be a push fit, and there's no reason to doubt the frame lugs will line up equally as well, proper engineering right here from Joe.

As for the all alloy Triumph motor, don't worry there's plenty more to follow on that subject.
In the meantime, if pre-unit Trumpet is the road you're looking at travelling, you'd best be getting in contact with Joe at Chopped Triumphs

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