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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Making a rod for your own back........

Following the recent post about the availability of a broad range of stainless fasteners from Automotive Stainless  a small order was felt to be a good way to gauge both the quality and the service. The rear hub needed putting together prior to getting it away to the wheel builders, and that required three 1/4" CycleThread bolts and associated nuts and washers to fix the bearing cover, so, a good a thing as any to try them out with. The order took about 4 days to arrive and the parts are first rate, this picture doesn't show the nice shallow radius on the bolt heads but it does indicate the polished finish as supplied. In fact the overall appearance is very similar to the factory fixings used originally.
Whilst they are not particularly cheap, the price isn't bad compared to buying the right Mild Steel kit and then having those plated. The problem, and the reason for the post title, is that it is dangerously close to setting a precedent and the rest of the fittings on the bike. The overall direction of the build is to get a 1955 factory custom look, so in reality, to go down this route is a no brainer............................looks like the rod is made then.

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