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Monday, 2 January 2012

Springing Into The New Year

Popped over to see Chip the other day and found these lurking in one of his sheds. been toying with the idea of getting hold of a springer for the Triumph build for a while now, and these may well fit the bill.

It's been a toss up between a set of original H-D style repops or the Factory Metalworks narrow front end. Problem with the H-D option, is that they are a tad wide for the look that is required, although the sculpted back legs and cast spring bridge always looks the nuttz. Then again the FMW alternative looks too modern with all the CNC action going on, but no excess width to contend with.

Chip is still umming and aahing about the very fair offer that was made, so it is not a given that these are available, and  if they are, they will need extensive reworking to get them back to anything like their best. But then he is a very reasonable bloke and sure to see that parting with 'em is a good and honourable thing.

Chip................you know it makes sense!!!!!


  1. They would really fit the bill, them vl's are lovely but far too wide for a Lil trumpet....

    Let's hope he sees the light!