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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Triumph Freaks Get On It

Issue 25 flopped through the door today, as usual it features some great real world bikes and well crafted articles. Now Guy is a self confessed early H-D man, but he has got a good eye for a nice Brit and does that justice in this issue. Along with a couple of nice unit twins, there's a cracking 1952 Tiger 100 that's worth the entry fee on it's own. There's also a photo report on Yokohama 2011 that contains an intriguing pic of a pre unit Trumpet in the bottom corner of page 37, ya can see just enough to stir the desire but not enough to satisfy the craving, would love to see more of that bike. Want more? Gotta have more, then get yerself HERE and fulfill the yearning

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  1. received today, i agree for the T 100, great stance, i love it