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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lucas K2F Mag...................NEATO!!!!

No point in running any old Brit that's fitted with a magneto, unless there's some history behind the mag itself. It's no good spinning one by hand and being happy because it throws a spark, it's got to be capable of doing that a few thousand times a minute when it's hot! On the bags containing condensors supplied as spares by The Prince of Darkness himself it states that they have a shelf life of 10 years!
So it was off to see Chip to get the mag and dynamo sorted out, firstly because that's what he does, secondly he's a long time mate and thirdly because the A7 started first kick, good enough credentials there then.

Here's the mag shortly after delivery, solid but somewhat tired and in need of Dr. Chip's love and attention. 
Anybody that's followed this drivel over the last couple of years may of noticed that detail plays a part in the way we operate around here. But, a mags a mag right? a self contained provider of sparks and pretty well sorted for that back in the day, not a lot you can do with it. Well the name of this Tiger 110 is Newgate's Knocker, so let's do it black with bling.

The body went off to the powder coaters and the small detail parts went off to the platers, in the mean time Chip polished up the few natural brass parts. This is the reunion after the various vacations were completed and the bits are ready for some serious Spark City partying.

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing, in bitchin' black, the finished article.
It ain't a competition mag but the red label looks tougher and it'll fool thems that don't know, and thems that do know probably won't speak any way! 

 If you need a mag that requires reconditioning, and want this treatment, any colour you like give Chip a ring on the number at the top left of the page. If you need a mag for your project and don't have one, why piss about getting a second hand one of the bay, he can supply reconditioned units outright as well.


  1. love it qm looks great mate ;)

  2. Whoa! Another fantastic work. Things that is needed to be recondition should go to your hands. :D

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