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Thursday, 29 March 2012

More on the Kurrent King Of Kool

After posting that killer rigid Triumph a few days ago I just knew that one pic was not going to satisfy. Shrew left a comment saying that he thought it was in Japan, so that was a good place to start, an e-mail was sent to Docklands Speed Shop and Shinya was good enough to reply, saying that it was in fact built by Tride Motorcycles out of Tokyo. Ryoji has now posted some more pics of this quality ride.
Get yerself over there and check out more of the quality Triumph builds coming out of Ryoji's shop, Docklands and a host of other builders in Japan that are setting new standards. 

Lovely little touch of detail, chamfering the silencers in a race stylee.

Thanks Ryoji


  1. Now that's something I can call a work with real quality.

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  2. That bike was in my top three for the GKM Award at Yokohama... killer cycle.