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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Seat Pivot Tacked Up

Tacked the pivot attachment plate to the seat pan yesterday and offered her on up, really like the way it's turning out, both from the side and the top.

Mentioned the other day about setting the spring hangers at the same radius as the bottom spring mounts. Still reckon it's probably the correct way of going about it, but it pushes the spring almost off the back of the pan, and the stock support tubes on the frame are set at a pre-determined angle, so the top mount is pre-set. As you can see the springs need some support perches, but that's no big deal, should get away with it.


  1. Looks really nice. I like the seat pan. Did you make it?

  2. In my dreams, it's Toddy's work check out the chopperdrome link in the left hand column.