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Saturday, 24 March 2012

T110 Seat Springs On & Nearly Finished

Got the spring perches made and ready to go on. The pan was drilled at the positions marked out the other day, after checking the centres were at 8 inches to match the bottom mounts. The 3/8" studs were turned and threaded 5/16" to suit the bosses and then assembled through the pan.
The bosses were then tacked in place using a MIG welder to hold their position and angle, and will be TIGged for the finished weld. Then the excess will be cut from the top bosses as leaving it on may compromise the comfort.

Lower bosses on and the springs in place, may go for shorter springs come the final reckoning, probably get a pair made by Alberta Springs anyway. These cheap and cheerful springs from abroad are exactly that, the fixing eyes are not concentric and the end surfaces are never flat!

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