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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tiger 110 Motor Nailed

Got the motor pretty well finished today, still a few bits to get such as the external rocker oil drains and their bolts, there's also a few other fixings that need getting but they should all be available from Cliff at Ace Classics.

The mag looks the nuttz sitting on there, notice the Beezer extended nut/bolt in the lower position. Why Triumph never did this is a mystery, BSA owned Triumph since the early fifties but they seemed to go out of their way to ensure the two brands didn't cross fertilise.

This shot gives a better idea of what a bastard it is to get to the bottom nut, even more so if the motor is in the frame with the primary chaincases and rear engine plates in position.

These pictures were taken immediately after the top end went on so there's still a fair bit of cleaning up to do before it's ready to go in.

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  1. Even though you said the work is not yet complete, the way I can see it, it's a job well done!

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