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Friday, 2 March 2012

Triumph Unobtanium, Wrought From The Horn Of A Unicorn

This has just come on the bay here in England, New Old Stock, made in the sixties, post 62 according to the men on JJ who know far more about these things. A racing equipment upgrade for the pre unit Tiger 100, allegedly carved from Unicorn Horn, such is the rarity of these. What appears to be shit is the original factory Cosmoline, used for protection. There can't be many if any more out there like this nowadays. If you're really keen and find it a must have, it's got a buy now of UK£1400. if you're still keen it's HERE.

The same bloke is also selling yet another new example complete with NOS  15/16" GP carbs, and float chamber for a buy now of UK£2700. Check that out HERE

Things of absolute beauty and objects of lustful desire for sure, to have and to hold would be a joy. BUT............. then what would you do, 
  • Put it on the shelf and wait for the investment to go up?
  • Bolt it on and run it like it was intended, instantly halving the value?
  • Drop it in the ecstasy of the unpacking ritual and break a couple of fins? 

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