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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Triumph..................Class on a Plate

‘Two nations separated by a common language.’  George Bernard Shaw.

Due to a slight misunderstanding between ourselves and Joe at Chopped Triumphs there are now two pairs of the bitchinest front plates in Christendom over here in England, and they are up for grabs.
These plates will fit dynamo type pre-unit Triumph 500s and 650s, they will of course fit the alternator type as well if you don't mind the hole, although alternator types (without the hole) are available.  The fit and finish is second to none and will pop straight on in place of the stock steel numbers. 
Price here in the UK is £100.00 per pair and that includes the postage in the UK.
If you want either of the two pairs available, get in early and claim your's by reserving a pair in the comments box, or take your chances and e-mail.

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