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Sunday, 11 March 2012

WIPAC Sabrina

Picked this up yesterday, always on the look out for the cooler alternative when it comes to rear lights, much like everybody else in this game I suppose. These ex-Bantam and other lightweight lamps have been hiding in plain sight, with their mix of Art Deco and Flash Gordon design features they scream fifties.

Generally overlooked as just a Bantam back light and of no use, they are disregarded. Taken in isolation and looked at for what it is, I reckon it's a winner and certainly ranks alongside the Miller/Vincent STOP, Spartos and 32 Ford lights that crop up over and over again.

Officially designated the WIPAC SO088 it was generally called the Sabrina after the young lady below, I'll let you figure out the reason why.


  1. They're ace, had one on my A10 cafe racer with a Brit Ironworks sticker just above it, spooky coincidence ?

  2. In the US, old fiftys cars that had the bullet bumpers were known as Dagmars, named after American actress Marian Dagmar