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Monday, 30 April 2012

1963 T120 Bonneville ............ A Few More Pics

An interesting shot, although the bike was registered in '63 and as such one of the first unit 650 twins, and therefore the start of the 9 stud heads, the number cast in the head shows the casting to be 1962. The pattern was obviously a modified eight stud number as the bosses have been drilled off centre to accommodate the wider pitch of the 9 stud barrels.

On the deck it looks more like a Tiger 90, possibly due to the 18" wheels, not sure but visually it is a small bike for a full 650.  The quality of the restoration is first class and if trophy hunting is the new owners bag this should bag a few.

Brake rod running external to the frame, again an early feature that only lasted a year (I think!)

The ugly and impractical Tach drive, correct for '63/4 but almost guaranteed to melt on the down pipe. It is possible to fit a later right angle drive box on there, but that reverses the direction of cable rotation which renders the rare, desirable and original Tacho useless.....not good.

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