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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bobby Sirkegian..........Living Legend

Idly trawling 'round the webosphere earlier I was stopped in my tracks by this '51 Thunderbird. Restored by the original rider Bobby Sirkegian (aka Bobby Sir Kegian) it is a joy to behold and a faithful representation of how he rode back in the dawn of the drag racing era.

 As beautiful as the bike is, the story of the man is even more amazing, he was running on the salt at Bonneville at the age of thirteen, and cleaning up at the nascent drag strips of the time.

Here's another of his restorations, known as Pretty Boy sums up everything a hot Triumph should be, call it a Bobber if ya like it's bang on the money for your's truly.

Just to show the "period correctness" of the bike here it is in 1953 with Bobby Sirkegian on board.
I intend to do some more research into this living legend and come back with a much more informative post.


  1. Triumph.... I'm dreaming for this bike and until now it still my dream.. :(

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  2. have you checked his web site http://www.bobbysirkegian.com/? He is a true part of Triumph history and his bikes are an inspiration on my plans.