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Monday, 16 April 2012

Cockroaches and Commando Calipers

Yep, come the great nuclear apocalypse that'll be the only recognisable things left on the husk of a planet. The time is getting close to let the old A7 see the light of day and there's still a couple of things to sort before the MOT ( annual government inspection ) The front brake, that of undeniable Norton-Lockheed uselessness has been living up to it's infamy especially with the neat but in effective little 125 master cylinder that was trying to coax it into action. So had to get help from the Big H! yep got hold of a bit of Sochiro's finest off of the bay, a master cylinder for a VFR 750!!!! Well they got loads of front brake action going on, and used to moving far more square inches of piston than the Commando caliper has got to offer.

So here it is, a bit bulkier than the cute little number from Spain but it does what it says on the tin! Could piss about and remove all of the incriminating writing on it, but it is what it is so let it stand I say.

There's a new set of bars in the works as well, hopefully more in keeping with the overall feel of the bike.

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