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Friday, 27 April 2012

Lustful Friday

Pic from  Todds Cycles

Started thinkin' about handlebar clamps to sit atop the TFMW springers on the Tiger Ton Ten, and after a few wrong turnings arrived at a set of these. Got the right vintage feel and should suit the period vibe,  exactly.  These are being made by Misumi out of Japan and look the Muttz Nuttz, the price is the only stumbling block, about  £220 over the counter in the US with shipping and possible customs duty on top of that. The brass is also a slight problem, there's been a conscious effort to avoid the use of "fools gold" on this build, which means a chroming bill on top of it all. Having said all that, there's still no Fat Lady tuning up yet and so there may still be a set slipping in under the radar.

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