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Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Gun In Town

Posted a pic of the primary cases last weekend, still wet and still on the rack.

Went up to collect the finished, dry article today, the finish will blow you away, straight from the gun it takes some taking in, this boy is special.

A perfectionist, that's beyond question, the cases I'll post later but here is a sample of his resto work.

He comes from a custom background and as yet I've not been priviledged to see his more creative style but one look at this, his recent work is enough to whet the taste buds .

Needless to say the paint on Newgate's Knocker is being laid by him and Johnny has already committed to the resto work on his '49 Speed Twin.

Shit Man, I ain't got a Brough, but if you did you would think you'd check out the options available.

I've been 'round long enough to know my opinions are worth diddley squat, but I know what i like, even the little lady likes Otto's work.
If you want paint laying down and rattle cans are not the answer any more contact the man, you will live to be thankful.

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  1. I love the motorbike... the last picture in this post.... I love to have my own..

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