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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rigid Triumph Air Filter

As a carry on from yesterday's post I've skanked these pictures off of the bay to illustrate the difference in the air filters. The one above is for the later frame '52 to '54 with the keyhole in the back post, and requires the battery holder with the straight back bracket.

This is for the earlier type of frame, '46 to '51  without the keyhole where the filter is sandwiched between the battery holder and the back post, meaning the battery tray support needs the crank in the bracket to clear it. It also uses the same frame lug for mounting.

1 comment:

  1. Cool. Did you build the '46 to '51 filter holder or is that one someone sells?

    I have a friend with an immaculate no-expense-spared restored '50 T-Bird. He said they fought and fought to get the bike running right with the stock filter element and never could because it is so restrictive. Based on his experience I just gave up looking for one for my '51 Tiger and ran the open velocity stack. The fact that he and I live at about 7000 ft above sea level may artificially exacerbate the issue.