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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rigid Triumph Battery Carrier.........Ya Live 'n' Learn!

 The main reason for getting involved with this Triumph was that bits are readily available, albeit at a price sometimes, and the parts are pretty interchangeable between models and years. As time goes on and the nitty gritty of detail kicks in, there  are lots of subtle detail changes all over the place, and it's great finding some of these out!

Todd at Small City Cycles put a post up a few days ago talking about how he modified his battery carrier  by effectively reversing the top mount to pull the assembly tighter to the gear box post. Ya can get the idea from the picture below, not being adverse to plagarising a cool idea, I thought I'll have some of that. The problem being that the one shown below is an original piece and although tatty still very usable. So find a repop one and cut that about, no harm done, only there doesn't seem to be this type being remade at the moment.
Turns out that the carriers with the cranked bracket are for the earlier rigid with a straight back post, the offset is there to allow the air filter to sit in behind it. This is the type that fits Johnny's '49 Speed Twin.

The one below is for the later "Keyhole" frame that has a hole through the back post to allow the air filter rubber through and the filter itself is positioned centrally. This  is the one that Johnny bought as he couldn't get the proper carrier. If you look there is no offset in the bracket, therefore no cutting required, it could be moved in by about 3/8" to take up the thickness of the mounting lug, but does it need it...........Hmmm?, it's already almost an inch closer.

The exchange has been done and it's a win - win situation, the more ya learn the better it gets!

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