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Sunday, 29 April 2012

T110.....Standing on it's own two feet at last

Got the rubber on and the forks in today. Forks have been a worry ever since the commitment to order 'em, 3 inches under has never felt quite right, but as it turns out it was just about right.

A spacer on the bottom of the stem to adapt the 1" stem up to the standard 1 1/8" Triumph bearing,  a small mod to the top bearing nut and a 1/2" spacer beneath the crown nut and the job was done. A lot easier than anticipated and no mods to the frame which was the main criterion.

Still got a few jobs to sort out, the front wheel spindle, brake anchor and muddie mounts being the major things that need to be tackled.
Certainly pleased with the way it all sits, soon be time for some bitchin' black paint and get the motor in!

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  1. Looking kool Buddy,
    cannt wait to see it done,
    all The Best Dick.