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Monday, 23 April 2012

They all do that Sir.............................

...................... or, screw ya period correctness!!!!!!

You may remember when this was bought for the A7, all new in the box, direct from AMAL and the right spec for the model and year. Fitted a treat and looks so damn fine and, well... correct really. When we got the Beezer running a couple of weeks ago, there was a bit of a drip out of the carb but we was on a roll man, and starting it for the first time was the order of the day.
Stripped the carb yesterday to find the problem, easy enough to see where it was coming from, and that was from a small hole at the top of the threaded section at the bottom of the main body. Not visible in the picture but it's machined in there as a key slot for the main jet block. Took the float bowl off and then the larger "Mixing Chamber Union Nut" above and found a fibre washer in there. Figuring that the washer was at fault and seeing as it wasn't a cheap thing to buy a phone call to AMAL seemed in order. 
Called their Technical Help department today and spoke to a decent enough sounding bloke there. As soon as I started to describe the problem he more or less took the words out of my mouth and told me exactly what it was doing! Apparently they all do that when a) the engine is not running and b) if the carb is tilted over by more than 12 degrees. He was pretty much on the money on both counts, the drips come when the bike's on the side stand with the motor stopped, and the leak stops when the bike is brought up level off of the stand, and the small hole draws air into the pilot circuit when the engine is running. So it seems that there's a strict start and stop procedure  to be adopted with regards to when the old juice is allowed to flow, yeah like I'll remember that on a Saturday night! 

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