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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pre-Unit Triumph, Bobber Build

It's always good to hear of another British Bobber being put together, and Paul has sent these pics in of the foundations of his pre-unit Trumpet build. Back in the Seventies the usual whine from the purists and rivet counters was that another good bike was being sacrificed on the alter of Custom. Well that just ain't the case any more, what we are doing is recreating bikes, taking disparate parts from under benches and off of the Bay and breathing new life into them and putting them to the work for which they were always intended. 

Right, rant over.
Paul says that the front end is from a '58 single down tube, swinging arm frame, possibly Speed Twin Id a thought  judging by the colour. The back half is Factory Metal Works, no info on stretch or drop but looking at the lines I doubt if it's much of either. Lucas at TFMW is really putting his stamp on the market now, and rightly so in my opinion, he turns out high quality well engineered kit that works. Wheels are 19 inchers at either end, the rear being built onto a '63 unit hub whilst the front centre  is a Tiger Cub number. Style before function, "Oh Hell Yeah Baby!"
The forks are heavy weight nacelle type with the ten degree raked yokes.

The thing that impresses about this build, even at this early stage is that everything is already bolted together properly and not hung together with tape and clothes pegs for the sake of a picture. This promises to be an interesting and tidy build and I genuinely hope that Paul keeps us posted on the progress.
Thanks Paul, nice one mate.

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