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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thanks Mate!

Four of these arrived today, cut by Roland's neighbour in France from a drawing knocked up over here. I know that Laser is regarded as too high tech and cheating in some circles, and maybe I could have chiselled it out using a flint hand axe, but................

............ it would never have looked and fitted like this! There are another three so builds in the immediate future will be featuring Smith's "D" shaped speedos. Which is just as well, 'cause I think they're great.

This speedo is the one sent over by Chris a few months ago, a couple of grim pics were posted earlier but these are a bit better.

Roland's blog, as if ya need telling!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Tom's 1960 5TA

Tom from Northampton got his build time just about cock on, he's just got this pretty little 5TA out and about.  I' ll let him explain

 Started life as a bog standard running T100A I did have a general idea of how I wanted it to look, but typically deviated from that during the build, but not too much.

Off the shelf hardtail, petrol and oil tanks from Lowbrow customs, Complete front wheel and brake plate repatriated and flown home in my suitcase after a holiday to the States, wheels powdercoated and rebuilt at central. 

The hardtail had a 2" drop which lent the engine backwards, to counter this I had to lower the forks by 2", but that didn't look rights, so I swapped out the yokes for pre-unit Items, which have a little more inbuilt rake. Runs batteryless with new sparks rotor, stator and reg/rec. And I added a cartridge oil filter cause I don't trust sludge traps!

Only real gripe I've got is that I mounted the oil tank a little too far back, so it sits too low and a bit too close to the chain, re-mounting it is not an option, so I've had to make a chain guard for the oil tank and I've got a spring loaded chain tensioner on order to try and take out any slap.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Standing on one leg..............sort of

Slotted the back wheel in and popped the muddy on for a look.........as ya do. Not convinced about the ride height of the mudguard though, sits a bit high, but major alteration will detract from the original part ethos that has driven this build. Have to wait until it's on the deck to make a decision on that one.

Really stoked with the black primary cases, always thought they looked good but they're even better in place. The seat should work out OK as well although the original spring length was over the top.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Steve's sweet Pre-Unit

Some people may remember Steve's interior design tip from February. I love this picture makes me strt reeling in the years.

Glad to see the Sprung Hub as been relegated Steve.............. the front wheel, on yje other hand is pure porn, I need a wheel like that in my life. 
Quintessential springs to mind, could have been built ......... just the same in 1955 

A nice pair indeed Steve.

All taxed and ticketted, ready for the Summer............. if it ever turns up over here!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Back In Bitchin' Black

Otto worked his magic on the frame, and magic it certainly is. The finish is petrol tank quality and, "As black as Newgate's knocker" which was the brief.

A bit shakey this shot, but that's down to the excitement factor.

Happy with it ? What do you reckon?

Joe's plates fitted a treat, no levers or hammers!!!! The dimensions on these plates are spot on.

Arty Farty detail, a random I think they call 'em.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Great Bike On Offer Over At Pete's Place

Pete over at Eat The Rich has just posted this. Not the prettiest for sure but pretty much everything you need to build a cracking bike. Here's what Pete has to say about it;

'54 uncut rigid frame with original transferable reg, sprung hub, big bearing T'bird 650 with 9 stud Bonneville splayed head, Borrani 19" up front, strangely laced offset rear, engine turns nice with plenty of compo, no spark as yet but will clean points tomorrow. I don't want to sell it, i don't want to sell anything, but its better than a job so a gnats* cock over £3k and you got yourself a project.

*Gnats are quite big boys up here.

Torquing Point

Made a bracket for the torque arm on the front brake, it's been brazed onto the rear leg rather than welded to minimise the damage if it needs to be removed for any reason in the future. It is set at 2 inches above the centre of the rear rocker pivot bolt, this is the same dimension as the centre of the wheel spindle to the brake anchor stud on the brake plate.

The arm itself has been cut from 5mm thick stainless, with hole centres at 3 1/2 inches to match the  dimension of the rocker pivot centres. This maintains the parallelogram as described in an earlier post, and it should allow the suspension to operate during braking. The arm has been fitted with two spherical bearings, this will allow the the arm to move in operation and also to compensate for any misalignment. 

The wheel has been pushed over by 6mm to allow clearance for the arm to get through, the rim will now have to be tweaked back by 3mm to recentralise it in the forks, shouldn't be a problem.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Twenty Seven..............Not Out!

Bike mags seem to come and go over the years, but GKM just carries on getting, well, not only better but validating it's position as the publication by which all others are judged. Guy has pulled out another cracker, featuring CRO Custom's Pan on the cover, this is a dream boat of a bike showing just how well standard parts can be massaged and utilised to form a whole that is grater than the parts. 

Grab yerself a copy HERE

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bottommimg Out

Always reckon this point is the symbolic bottom of the build trough, the Ton Ten frame is blasted and 'round at Otto's for a lick of black that is so black Stephen Hawkins would be worried.

When it's back, the fun can really start when proper assembly begins. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

More Slick Licks From Otto's Gun

Good to see Otto is keeping his hand in before he starts on the Ton Ten metalwork.
The T140 stuff above are now all mounted and running on a real neat and simple 750 Bonneville Cafe Racer, one of the nicer variations on the oil in frame theme that I've seen.

The badges here speak for them selves, don't know the bike but I've spoken to the bloke that's puttin' it together and it promises to be special.