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Monday, 25 June 2012

Tom's 1960 5TA

Tom from Northampton got his build time just about cock on, he's just got this pretty little 5TA out and about.  I' ll let him explain

 Started life as a bog standard running T100A I did have a general idea of how I wanted it to look, but typically deviated from that during the build, but not too much.

Off the shelf hardtail, petrol and oil tanks from Lowbrow customs, Complete front wheel and brake plate repatriated and flown home in my suitcase after a holiday to the States, wheels powdercoated and rebuilt at central. 

The hardtail had a 2" drop which lent the engine backwards, to counter this I had to lower the forks by 2", but that didn't look rights, so I swapped out the yokes for pre-unit Items, which have a little more inbuilt rake. Runs batteryless with new sparks rotor, stator and reg/rec. And I added a cartridge oil filter cause I don't trust sludge traps!

Only real gripe I've got is that I mounted the oil tank a little too far back, so it sits too low and a bit too close to the chain, re-mounting it is not an option, so I've had to make a chain guard for the oil tank and I've got a spring loaded chain tensioner on order to try and take out any slap.

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