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Friday, 31 August 2012

Bobbed 'bird on the Bay

This has just appeared on the bay, got all the right bits in the right places.
Here's the description as is;

1954 Triumph T6 Thunderbird Bobber or old school Chopper. He has been building this type of bike on and off since the early '80s, usually for himself, then eventually sold on to start a project all over again. He built this one for himself, but due to a slight change in interest (bought a '49 Chevy panel van!) the bike is for sale as a total new build, unused save for a quick road test up and down the yard just to make sure everything is working as it should be. It is currently on SORN, but will have 12 months MOT for the new owner. The reg number is non transferrable.
This is a high quality build as follows: Original rigid frame, forks, yokes, oil tank, engine plates, footrest assembly, brake pedal, battery box, steering damper assembly, larger 8" 1955 front brake, standard Triumph 18" rear wheel, standard gearbox, later cush drive clutch assembly, standard primary drive csings, 24 tooth crank sprocket. Engine spec is big bearing dynamo cases, lightened & balanced polished crank and rods, Spitfire cams, lightened polished timing gears, rebuilt comp magneto with auto advance unit, + 20 barrels, Spitfire pistons, gas flowed 9 stud, 4 plug head with 2 plugs blanked off, mk11 concentric carbs, new main bearings, new big end shells, piston rings,gaskets, seals, carb to inlet rubbers. Gearbox has new bushes, seals, bearings and long T140 kick start arm for easier kickover.

On 30-Aug-12 at 22:36:36 BST, seller added the following information:
New parts used as follows:
fork stanchions bushes seals and holders, steering head bearing assembly, front wheel bearings, front tyre + tube and rim tape, fprk gaitors, wheel spindle and nut, rear tyre + tube and rim tape, rear wheel bearings, rear chain, primary chain, gearbox sprocket, engine gearbox and frame fitting kits, tank badges, tank cap, tank taps, battery, electronic voltage regulator, new cables throughout, new wiring throughout, standard down pipes, slash cut short silencers, single saddle, horn, light of-on swithc, hi-low switch, brake light switch, all rubbers, most nuts and bolts. Most of the new nuts and bolts are stainless steel. lights are butlers.
One-off parts as follows:
headlamp mounting, front mudguard and brace, tail light mounting, brake light switch mounting, rear guard with rib and stays, rear chain guard, speedo mounting bracket, number plate on rear stand, tank mountings. The tank has been altered to 4 bolt base mount and also altered to take this type of badge.
It starts easy, runs well and is pretty potent.
Payment terms are cash on collection within a few days of the auction ending. Ross wont mess you about so please do not mess him about, we are all too busy for tyre kickers just now. This is a serious bike and we need serious bidders/buyers. If you win the auction you pay for the bike, it's that simple. If you want it and want to know more about it or a buy it now price, phone Ross on 07508 757796 and he will tell you what you want to know. I know nothing more than he has told me so no point in e-mailing me. If you're serious and want sensible info, you will spend the money on a phone call.

Be interesting to follow this, check it out here if  ya reckon it could be the bike for you

Thursday, 30 August 2012

.............".hit me with your laser beams"

Popeye Doyle Productions

Had to shift the square on the font brake arm due to the new plate orientation. 
Ya gotta love that new technology......

Cheers Mate

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Gettin' Oh Sooooo Close Now

Pipes and silencers are now bracketted and done,

pegs need a wee tweak,

handlebar furniture about complete,

just waitin' on the paint and a few last knockin's.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Speedo Finds A Home

Got the speedo bracket together and mounted, it just peeks out from the front of the tank. Nowhere else to put it really.

It's not good engineering practice to fix things with one bole, but a shakeproof washer either side of the frame and 4 Shredded wheat before tightening should keep it in place.
Having said that, it is a truism that anything that you have to convince yourself will be alright, will bite you in the arse. There may be more on this at a later date.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

British Gold

Never heard of these let alone seen one, a genuine fifties AMAL go faster goody. Available now on the Bay from the US. Can't see it lasting long!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

As One Pile Empties Another Starts To Grow Pt II

Won this on The Bay Of Fools the other day. Although not advertised as NOS it is hard to believe that it has either been on a bike or had oil in it. In the hand for 50 quid it shows that there are still bargains to be had in the over subscribed world that is the Bay.

There's a bit of a thing 'round here for stock oil tanks;
  • They fit
  • They hold the right amount of oil for the job
  • They have all the right fittings and a mesh filter
  • The hole in the return is sized right to divert the supply to the top end
Good enough for Big Ted Turner so why think ya know better!

The date stamp tells the tale of the tape........nice!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tank On and Lookin' Bitchin'

Offered the tank up for the first time yesterday, still needs sealing before paint but it's looking just about right.

The bars are gonna get a reprieve as they seem to suit that fifties style, which was the plan in the first place. They're stock 1" Trophy bars which allow the fitting of the Triumph throttle, now that's always been a mystery to me, bars were/are normally 1" or 7/8" and that's pretty universal, yet Triumph elected to reduce the bars at the twistgrip end to 15/16" !!!! Just to keep the spares tied up? Dunno but that's all I can think of.

Silencer brackets STILL to be sorted but it's getting close now.