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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Way We Were


Snapshots of the British chopper scene in Hazel Grove Village, Cheshire, from the late 60's and early 70's. Song is 'My Generation' by the Who (as if you didn't know!) Easy Rider was the catalyst that inspired the chopper scene in England. The most popular bike to chop was the Triumph 500 or 650, and the frame of choice was the 'sprung hub'. As more and more American films and magazines featuring custom bike trends started to reach our shores, we built things like stretched frames, goosenecks, springers, ect. We had to build them as you couldn't buy the stuff! 74 c.i. Harley's were beyond reach for most with their cost, and lack of availibility, so Triumphs were the bikes of choice. Riding time was short in the North of England, so when there was nice weather in the summer, you rode the crap out of them and rebuilt and modified them (plus added more chrome) every winter. Hope this brings back memories for some.

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  1. Great pics brian, nice bikes too, there were some horrors with slugged forks back then