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Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Frame Of Two Halves

Over the past year and a half or so a few unattached and, let's say "creatively modified" frame halves have ended up 'round here. No use to man nor beast it was decided to bring them back to the way big Ted Turner intended.

The front half had been raked in an enthusiastically amateur Blacksmith style. The top tubes had been cut and maybe an inch of tube removed prior to the front down tube being heated and bent back until the tube ends met again. The whole lot "strengthened" by sliding bits of gas pipe over the joints and welding up. 
The rear section had the old inch and three quarter slugs added behind the gearbox mounts to straighten the line down the back bone. It's also had some cutting and grinding done around the axle plates. 
They were taken to frame maestro Toddy for a little remedial work on his jig. Top tubes both replaced, down tube back in line and slugs removed, nice work mate. Whilst up there picking it up there was another bloke there who was looking it over and he said "what are you doing about the rear brake pedal pivot?" I've gotta 'fess up here, never even noticed it was missing! Then the Karma kicked in...............

............he says "I've had some of them cast up for a GP replica I'm building" and do I want one for 20 quid! You can see my answer above.

As this frame, which is marked up as a '51 by the way, has had so much work and so many irreversible detail modifications done to it, it will become the basis of The Skankweasel project, allowing a little more creativity in the design.

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