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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

TriCor At Daytona 1952

Awesome stuff, footage that makes ya ........................ I dunno..............wish I suppose.
Check out the factory race kit hangin' on the wall about two minutes into the first film! Gallon oil tank, twin carb set up, all there  for sale, not NOS but NNS

Told ya!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wes White would appreciate a bit of ya time

Wes White of Four Aces is after one of 15 sponsorship deals being offered by Champion Spark Plugs, this will go towards the expense of this year's Salt Assault at Bonneville to . Part of the deal is decided by a "vote off" this means logging onto the Champion site and casting a vote. This can be done each and every day up until the end of January. 
Never met Wes personally but he has always been helpful with enquiries and any other stuff I've mailed him about, Good Man I reckon.

We'd all like to get a shot at glory by running on the Salt Flats I'm sure, but he's out there pointing  his rigid Trumpets at the horizon and doing it.

Check it out HERE