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Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Waiting Is Over, Now The Weighting Begins.

Time to get moving along again with putting stuff together, now that Winter looks like it's releasing it's grip.
Reading up on the rigid 500 Trophys of  the early fifties showed a factory declared weight of 290 lbs. That's with all the road legal niceties fitted, and a lot of steel parts employed. I reckon that 
260 lbs is achievable with a little care, so Son of Skankweasel is going lightweight. Those that know me will detect a certain irony in this quest, but as CC Rob suggested, I can always train a monkey to ride it.
The yokes above are steel Trophy yokes and as you can see, weigh in at a lardy 2.334 kg or 
5.146 lbs in old money.

This is an alloy pair from a 1974 TR5T/Adventurer coming into the ring at a sprightly 1.389 kg or 3.06 lbs. A saving of nigh on a kilo, 2.1 lbs, needless to say that they are going on with the later forks with alloy sliders. 
There is no need to try and stay within the realms of standard kit on this build as the frame (which weighs in at 31.5 lbs by the way) has had too much work done on it to make it a contender for any sort of restoration.

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