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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

They're Still Out There

Andy phoned up yesterday morning, speaking all quiet and secretive, asking about Nortons, and Dommies in paticular. Said he was working in London and there was a pair sat in a garage where he was working..

Back at Andy's within half a day!

Been in there at least 25 years the bloke reckoned. 
They are both 600cc 99s, the standard one is a '56 and showing under 12,000 miles. That's quite believable judging by the overall completeness, and un-messed about with look of it. The nearside footrest is bent right up, looks like somebody came off it, way back when, and then laid it up. Probably got a nice little motor car instead. 

You want patina?
The Cafe Racer is a 1959 Model 99 600cc Dominator with an intriguing C stamped after the 99 on the motor. Added bonus of quite a few original John Tickle parts including a Twin Leading Shoe front brake!

Period correct Cafe Racer ?????
They both turn over fine and the '59 has got what can be described as good compression.

I'm not gonna tell you what they cost, 'cos it won't make me feel any better!

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  1. Sorry Brian - as much as I'd love the 'C' to be competition etc, it simply means Coil ignition.